Parents love to see their kids being smart and elegant, and usually start grooming their beloved early. To help parents get the right styles and images for their children, PRIVATE i SALON Group had opened its first kids salon, PRIVATE i GARDEN Kids Salon (PiG Kids Salon) at Lee Garden 2, Causeway Bay in Dec, 2012 and now there are three PiG Kids Salon opened in different regions in Hong Kong.

PiG Kids Salon is a one-stop care and beauty place for babies and kids with the help by our professional team. PiG Kids Salon is like a playroom offering a fun and comfortable environment for the little ones to experience hair-doing, styling and manicuring services. Stepping into PiG Kids Salon, it is as if stepping into an enchanted garden where filling up with lovely piggy-character seats, decors, music, movies, story books and games. Our young little customers will thoroughly enjoy this amazing playground with laughter while enjoying our professional services. Meanwhile, parents will never feel bored while waiting their kids. They can enjoy their excellent shopping experience at our retail corner where displaying a lot of lifestyle and kids’ products e.g. organic hair care products, hair accessories, gifts and charms, etc...

PiG Kids Salon also provides professional party look styling service for the 100th Day Celebration after birth and birthday parties. By joining our PiG CLUB membership, members can enjoy year round privileges and also will be updated with special membership privileges and news.

父母希望子女成為眾人的焦點,從小就為他們準備最好的裝備團隊,內在箇之然重要,但儀容和外表給人第一印象亦是重要一環;為配合家長的素求,PRIVATE i SALON GROUP於2012年12月在銅鑼灣利園2期開設首間專為小朋友而設的髮廊—PRIVATE i GARDEN Kids Salon (PiG Kids Salon。現在,PiG Kids Salon 已有三間店鋪,分佈在香港不同區域),為小朋友設計髮型及形象。

PiG Kids Salon 一站式的兒童美髮店,小朋友除了得到我們專業團隊的專業意見外,還可享受店內舒適的環境,愉快地經驗或是人生第一次的剪髮和扮靚服務。我們以花園作為主題,採用色調諧和裝飾,尤如置身法國小店一樣,讓小客人樂在其中,PiG Kids Salon還用上可愛的小豬作為剪髮的座椅並配合輕鬆的音樂、兒童電影、圖書及小玩具為滿足小朋友的不同需要。PiG Kids Salon更設有精品專櫃,引入了不同家居護理產品、頭髮配飾及精美禮品,任家長們和小朋友挑選。

PiG Kids Salon設有為慶祝出生100日或生日的美髮美甲組合服務,為小朋友每個重要時刻都留下最閃亮、難忘的回憶。 PiG CLUB會籍,讓家長們和小朋友享用一系列的會員優惠及資訊。

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